Nomination Charms Are Perfect Gifts

It's no secret that charm jewellery is the hot fashion item everybody wants and there seems to be no sign of it slowing down. Wearing charm bracelets dates back hundreds of years and has a rich history. In the last five years or so, there has been an explosion in popularity with new twists on the traditional link type bracelet to bring it into the 21st century. Some of the top brands include Pandora, Nomination, Lovelinks, Trollbeads, Thomas Sabo and Giorgio Martello. They fall into two design styles. Nomination bracelets use a clever spring loaded link mechanism to allow you to create your own personal design of charm bracelet from thousands of Nomination charms. It features all the great attributes of a traditional charm bracelet with the modern contemporary look of Italian style. It was first developed back in the 1970's when an Italian watch maker hit on the idea of creating a bracelet based on the principle of the stainless steel watch links.

Nomination Charms 

Today it is a global brand worn by A list celebrities, mum's, children, men, pop stars, footballers. The success lies in the fact that jewellery is not about trends but it’s about the memories. The collection of Nomination charms includes just about every concept or idea in modern life. Letters, numbers, zodiac, birthdays, gemstones, sports, nature - you name it and there is probably a charm to remember life's precious moments by. The charms are made from stainless steel with 18ct gold, enamel, silver and gemstone accents.

Nomination bracelets 

The good thing about stainless steel is that it is hypoallergenic, tarnish free and durable, so it should last a lifetime. Creating your Nomination bracelet is lots of fun. Choose your base bracelet and then select some charms. You can easily build it yourself, but most retailers will do it for you. Nomination jewellery is usually favoured by women but men are catching up and it's not uncommon to see the likes of footballers like David Beckham sporting a charm bracelet. There's also a chunkier version known as big for those fellas who like it massive.



DSS Rifles Launches Custom Built Rifle Site


If you're a shooting enthusiast, you've probably always dreamed of having a custom made rifle, so you'll be pleased to hear that DSS Rifles offer a new custom built rifle service to create thegun of your dreams. The latest addition to their product range is the CZ ZKM 452 Varmint with Full Three year warranty , Threaded Barrel and Adjustable trigger. The CZ 452-2E ZKM Varmint is based on the same time proven action as the other Rimfire rifles of the CZ 452-2E ZKM line. It features 532 mm long heavy barrel to provide higher accuracy while shooting small moving targets at medium and longer distances. The receiver is machined having an 11 mm (0.43”) dovetail groove for the scope mount attachment. feature 3/8” wide dovetail. The stock is made from Turkish walnut. These Rimfire rifles come with a 5 round magazine but they have the option for a ten round mag.

Of course you'll need a firearm's license too, so only qualified firearm enthusiasts need apply but if you fancy taking up this sport, contact your local shooting club for more advice.


Jason Voorhess "kills" Amanda Righetti


The O.C. star Amanda Righetti, and Jason Voorhees have a good laugh. Read on!


Dell Studio XPS 435 Blends Performance with Design

Dell Studio XPS 435 Desktop PC 

Dell has expanded its Studio XPS family with the introduction of a new premier desktop PC, the Studio XPS 435. Bold and distinctive design of Studio XPS 435 blends pure white and translucent black bezel accented with brilliant crimson orange trim.

Powered by Intel Core i7 processors with Intel Turbo Boost Technology, the Studio XPS 435 features up to 24GB DDR3 RAM and ATI Radeon HD4870 1GB GDDR5 graphics. It also features 3 angled USB ports; top-mounted integrated 15-in-1media card reader; built-in infrared receiver; and optional Blu-Ray Disc.

Studio XPS 435 is designed helps in its expandability, enabling easy upgrades to future technology. The full-sized ATX tower includes six DIMMs for up to 24GB tri-channel memory, three hard drive bays capable of up to 4.5TB of storage and dual optical options.

Studio XPS 435 desktop PC is available through their website in the U.S. for a starting price of $1,099.


WD My Book World Edition NAS Offers Automatic Continuous Backup

Western Digital has introduced updated version of its My Book World Edition network storage drive compatible with PC and Mac computers.

It offers automatic, continuous backup for all the computers on the network. Designed for consumers having multiple computers on a home network, the new drive will be available in 1 terabyte and 2 terabyte capacities. The device backs up the files from all network-connected computers. Any changes to the files on these computers are automatically and continuously backed up to the drive.

The device also offers media server capability with DLNA 1.5 and UPnP certification to stream content to Xbox 360, PS3, wireless digital picture frames and connected audio receivers. The drive sports a capacity gauge that lets you see at a glance how much space is available. USB 2.0 Utility Port lets users extend the storage of the WD My Book World Edition drives. Users can also securely and remotely access files on the World Edition drives from a remote Internet connection.

The new My Book World Edition 1 TB network hard drive is available for is $229.99 USD. WD expects 2 TB capacity system to be available later this month and will retail it for $449.99 USD.


New Aleratec 1:1 HDD Cruiser copies hard drive at 70MB/sec

Aleratec HDD Cruiser 

Aleratec has introduced a new stand alone 1:1 HDD Cruiser, a high speed 1:1 hard disk drive duplicator that can support copy speeds of up to 70MB/s. It is equipped with a USB 2.0 port that allows access to both SATA drive bays from a PC to view and edit hard drives before duplicating.

The 1:1 HDD Cruiser’s drive bays are equipped with quick and easy loading doors. The source and target drives are loaded in the drive bays without the need for external cables. Each drive bay has internal Non Scratch SATA connectors designed for greater than 50,000 swap cycles minimizing worries about drive connection issues.

"The 70MB/sec copy speed of our new Aleratec 1:1 HDD Cruiser is twice as fast as many competitive offerings and it is equipped with quick load bays so there are no cumbersome external cables needed." said Perry Solomon, President and CEO of Aleratec. "With the USB 2.0 port connected to both drive bays provides JBOD access to drives in each bay. A customer can attach the 1:1 HDD Cruiser to a PC, load it with hard drives, and use it for additional storage or backup when not duplicating. Only Aleratec offers an affordable, easy to load and unload, hard drive duplicator with these extra features."

The 1:1 HDD Cruiser supports 3.5 inch SATA hard disk drives; an optional 2.5 inch SATA hard drive adapter 2 pack is also available for $37. The Aleratec 1:1 HDD Cruiser is available for $315.


QNAP Intros Eight-Bay TS-809 Pro NAS for Storage Hungry Enterprises

QNAP Intros Eight-Bay TS-809 Pro NAS 

Just a week after introducing 4-bay TS-439 Pro Turbo NAS, QNAP has now announced the TS-809, an eight-bay network attached storage system. Powered by Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz CPU and 2GB DDRII memory, it supports 8 SATA drive bays that accommodate up to 12TB storage capacity.

TS-809 offers advanced RAID features including support for RAID 0/1/5/6/5+spare, Online RAID Capacity Expansion and Online RAID Level Migration. It also features iSCSI with Thin Provisioning, AES 256-bit volume-based encryption, automatic policy-based IP blocking along with instant SMS and email alert. TS-809 had reached over 126MB/sec read rates and 111MB/sec write rates in QNAP lab

The NAS comes with the Surveillance Station feature which supports real-time monitoring and video playback from up to 4 IP-based cameras. TS-809 also provides a wide array of server functions like file server, FTP server, DDNS support, Web server with built-in phpMyAdmin, Joomla, MySQL, SQLite, editable php.ini, MySQL server and printer server. You can access these from Mac, Linux or Windows-based machines.

"The TS-809 Pro adopts Intel Core 2 Duo high performance CPU which brings extremely high speed experience for multiple business applications. It is an excellent choice for storage-hungry enterprises who demand for outstanding system performance in an intensive data access environment," said Laurent Cheng, Product Manager from QNAP.

No word yet from QNAP on the price or availability of the TS-439 Pro Turbo NAS.


Kingston CF Elite Pro Card Capacity Increased to 32GB

Kingston 32GB CF Elite Pro card 

Kingston has increased the capacity of its CompactFlash Elite Pro Flash memory cards to 32GB. With larger capacity and fast data transfer rates, it is designed to meet the demands of both advanced amateur and professional photographers. It offers 25MB/sec. read and 20MB/sec. write speeds.

"The Kingston 32GB CF Elite Pro card is designed to keep pace with and not limit the productivity of the most advanced digital camera equipment on the market," said Wendy Lecot, Flash business development manager, Kingston Digital. "Combining the large storage capacity along with fast read and write speeds makes this card ideal for continuous capture and download of images."

The Kingston 32 GB CF Elite Pro is available for $154 and is backed by a lifetime warranty.


OCZ Illuminati Keyboard Won't Leave You in the Dark

OCZ Illuminati Keyboard 

OCZ has announced the expansion of its peripherals under the Alchemy line with Illuminati backlit multimedia keyboard.

OCZ claims the Illuminati "won't leave you in the dark". The keys can be backlit with either red or blue LEDs. It features 14 multimedia and internet hotkeys, to help users manage music, web, and video applications with the touch of a button. The sleek design and rubber coated keys improve both tactile feel and user comfort.

Ryan Edwards, Director of Product Management at the OCZ Technology Group commented, “The Illuminati Keyboard offers multimedia consumers a host of features including rubber coated keys for comfort while both working and gaming, fourteen quick launch keys to better access to multimedia, and the choice of two backlit colors making it easier to make full use of the keyboard in low light environments.”

OCZ says Illuminati features an extremely reliable lifestyle of 5 million cycles, and is compatible with Windows XP (SP2 or later) and Windows Vista. With its plug and play feature, there's no need for additional drivers.


Interact With 3D Display Using Simple Gestures With iPoint 3D

iPoint 3D 

Researchers at Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft have presented a new innovation, iPoint 3D, that allows people to interact with a 3-D display through simple gestures. There is absolutely no need to touch it with a data glove or use 3D glasses.

The system features a recognition device, not much larger than a keyboard that can be suspended from the ceiling above the user or integrated in a coffee table. Its two built-in FireWire cameras detect hands and fingers movement in real time and transmit the information to a computer.

As the interaction is entirely contactless, the system appeals to video gamers and is ideal for scenarios where contact between the user and the system is not possible or not allowed, such as in an operating room, says Paul Chojecki, a research scientist at the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications.

iPoint 3D will be presented by the researchers at CeBIT in Hanover, Germany.

Link: Engadget


Vuzix iWear AV310 Widescreen Personal Media Viewer Now Available

Vuzix iWear AV310 Widescreen Personal Media Viewer 

Vuzix has announced the widespread retail availability of the iWear AV310 Widescreen personal media viewer. It is worn by users like a set of eyeglasses and offers a 16:9 aspect ratio with 3D capabilities.

The device projects a virtual 52' screen from 9-feet. A single AA battery provides enough juice to run it for five hours. It offers independent +2 to -5 diopter focus, providing individual adjustment for each eye. The AV310 is compatible with iPod, video cameras, gaming consoles, DVD players & other devices with a video output for NTSC or PAL.

Other features of iWear AV310 include twin high-resolution LCD displays, one for each eye, removable and comfort fit earbuds with adjustable, hypoallergenic nosepiece. The AccuTilt viewer offers 15 degrees of tilt adjustment. It also offers on-screen display settings control.

The Vuzix AV310 Widescreen is available at Brookstone, SkyMall, MicroCenter, Hammacher Schlemmer and, priced at $249.95.

Link: Electronista


Sandisk Intros Next Generation USB Memory Card Readers

Sandisk ImageMate memory card readers 

Sandisk has introduced two new ImageMate memory card readers today, the ImageMate All-in-one and the ImageMate Multi-card.

The new readers offer increased efficiency and faster data transfer rates than their predecessors and also have upgraded software applications. They are also smaller and sleeker with detachable tripod base. The All-In-One memory card reader can reach speeds of up to 34 MB per second when using a Extreme IV 45MB/s CompactFlash card, and the Multi-Card reader is capable of up to 30 MB/s read and 27 MB/s write data transfer rates when using a Extreme III 30MB/s Edition SDHC card.

SanDisk ImageMate readers also have a transfer button that automatically launches a user-defined application or web site, such as Adobe Photoshop or, to transfer or edit photos.

“The new SanDisk ImageMate readers are two of the fastest and most reliable USB readers, capable of transferring 1-gigabyte of data in less than 35 seconds,” said Jennifer Lee, senior product marketing manager, SanDisk. “The ImageMate readers’ space-saving vertical design makes them unobtrusive on your desk, but with such stylish looks they can’t help but stand out.”

The ImageMate All-in-one reader offers card-to-card data transfers and supports SD, SDHC, miniSDHC, microSDHC, MMC, Memory Stick, MSPD, xD and CompactFlash. It is available now for $29.99.

The ImageMate Multi-Card reader supports xD, Memory Stick, SD, SDHC, and MMC and is retailing for $19.99.

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