Baseball team owners play modified soccer 34 million acquisition of Marseille

According to the daily mail‘s latest report, major league baseball Los Angeles Dodgers boss, Frankmaikekaote eager to buy French giants Marseille, his goal is to turn the team into a team capable of winning the French domestic competition trophy. It is reported that the total value of the deal, will reach 34 million pounds.
Marseille Club‘s current owner, RussianSwiss woman businessman Margarita LouisVictoria Draves. In April this year, Victoria Draves has made it clear that her MarseilleClub hopes to sell shares.
Recently, the maikekaote and the Victoria Draves, and Marseille Mayor JeanClaudeGodin held a joint press conference, maikekaote open at that time said: I’mMarseille Club deal with Victoria Draves has conducted numerous negotiations, andhas prepared a preliminary contract. Marseille is one of the biggest clubs in the French League, are actually in the world with a high impact.
News of Agence France-Presse, quoted by the daily mail reported that the deal is expected to be formally before the end of the year. The French RMC radio sports channel said, maikekaote will be £ 34 million price bought the Marseilles Club.

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