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Flash based games are big business on the internet and used to entertain surfers in between more serious browser sessions. recently contacted us to have a look at their new Tower Defense Game, one of the most popular casual flash games you can find online and for good reason. They are highly addictive. This version features a great adaption of the classic game with several different maps, loads of weapons and weapon upgrades and some unusual baddies and end of level bosses. Tower Defense Game 

The basic idea to the game is to stop the evil creeps (random objects) crossing from one side of the map to the other with the use of weapons that you purchase. The weapons can be upgraded and you'll certainly need to do this as the baddies get faster and tougher as the levels progress. To start with you have a limited amount of cash to spend and in order to earn more you have to kill the creeps. Saving up for bigger towers and upgrades allows you to kill the enemy quicker but if you save for too long the creeps with break through your defenses and you'll lose the game. Timing when to put a new tower down can make all the difference and if you can hang on to your cash till the end of the level a nice interest bonus will be added. 

The flash interface is simple to use with weapons accessible in the top left corner of the screen. The game loaded superfast for us - obviously have some good servers powering their system - and worked perfectly in IE and Mozilla. You might want to make sure your popup blocker is turned off if you want to access the instructions - Mozilla didn't announce to us it was blocking this at first and it was only when we tried it in IE that we realised it was blocking the popup instructions window.

If you've yet to discover Tower Defense on your browser, have a really nice version to play. They even provide a highscore service so you can see how good you stack up against fellow surfers.

To play this game and a whole host of other flash games, head on over to the website

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