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Megan Fox Suffers Breast Attack On Shoot


We received this request from Fox Film who own the rights to Jennifers Body and Megan Fox's intellectual assets (yes we weren't aware she had any either). They demanded that we remove all pictures of Miss Fox in the nude from our website. A fair request seeing as they plan on charging punters for the priviledge of a good eyeful. 

"To Whom It May Concern:
We are writing on behalf of Twentieth Century Fox Film and its related entities and Megan Fox (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Fox") which own intellectual property and other rights in and to "Jennifer's Body," the Fox Atomic motion picture film.  It has come to our attention that multiple images of actress, Megan Fox, have been posted on the website without authorization of Fox and in violation of multiple proprietary, privacy, and reputational rights.
We demand that you remove the images of actress, Megan Fox, from the website photo gallery"

So there you have it folks. Maybe they aren't so sure about the killer cheerleader script and acting abilities of the cast to draw in the crowds but they are damn sure that everybody will want to see Megan Fox in the buff. Of course if you've already seen them for free on the internet you might not be so inclined to pay to see them again if the film chokes. Don't you just love the movie industry. Coke and popcorn are still optional at this time.

We have removed the images as requested and leave you with some replacement stunt double Megan Fox boobies to fill in the imagination gaps.


Megan Fox was recently caught on camera dripping and wet from shooting her latest film, Jennifers Body. It looks as if Megans body would have been a more appropriate title as the actress is in fine shape. The good news is for all you lovers of everything Foxy - she was caught topless and with boobs on show. 

Apparently Megan injured her boobies while swimming in the lake and had to perform her own Rambo style breast surgery between takes. It's amazing what a tube of superglue and a personal assistant can achieve.

Megan Fox Boobs

The film is scheduled for a 2009 release and features a newly possessed cheerleader that turns into a killer who specializes in offing her male classmates. Sounds like a doozy. Megan recently celebrated her 22nd birthday and she seems to be having the time of her life with top roles in Hollywood blockbusters. Her she is coming out of a lake. Just our luck a piece of wood was in the way and it wasn't from the camera man. Don't worry folks, we've got the snaps of her gems after the click for all you working away at work. Let's hope we see lots more of Megan Fox in 2008. 



Larabee is a PowerPoint slideshow

Jen-Hsun Huang, nVidia's CEO, was quite happy to talk about Intel's future project for the discrete graphics cards market and decided to go all the way criticizing the microchip giant.

His most flamboyant sentence was, without doubt, the one that gives the news it's title, but it wasn't the only one, by a long shot. For example: "they're floating Larrabee out there just to put a shadow over us [...] Intel cannot share the world with someone else. They want the world to have one processor. They don't want the world to have two processors [...] That's an anti-innovation feeling. That's a monopolistic feeling".

Really, I don't know what his problem is. If Larabee doesn't get out it shouldn't bother them. I mean, it's not as if Intel was deterring people from buying graphics cards because everybody is holding back waiting for unfulfilled release dates. And if it gets out, then they have to compete, you can't always win like against 3Dfx or STMicroelectronics. Every corporation wishes monopoly, leaving some thin trace of a competition so they can avoid law prosecution, so stop crying.

Link: Cnet.


Girls Butts On Parade

Girls butts 

How many girls does it take to hold up a banner? Apparently 13. Now that's a whole lot of girls bottoms to fit on to your wide angle lense.  These promotion girls hold up a banner before the Paulista championship semi-final football match between Palmeiras and Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo April 20, 2008. As you can see the butts range in quality. We like the one on the far end. How about you.


Brittany Snow says Prom Night fornicating isn’t necessary


If I've learned anything from movies (and I have -- thanks a lot Ken Burns), it's that hooking up on prom night is essential, not particularly hard, and usually involves a musical montage of some kind.


Scarlett Johansson Shows Shes The Breast

Scarlett Johansson Shows Her Boobs 

You've got admit that Scarlett Johansson has got talent. Two of them to be precise. Her boobs are the stuff of holywood legend but she doesn't like to milk them. She prefers to use her natural acting talent. And while she may be known affectionately for her wooden acting abilities on film, she is also responsible for plenty of wood off camera. Scarlett is currently working on her new film, The Spirit and photos have been leaked giving viewers a snippet of what is to come when Frank Miller's new movie hits cinema screens in January 2009. Playing alongside Samuel L Jackson and Eva Mendes, leading lady Scarlett Johansson has been snapped in the sultry femme fatale form of her character Silken Floss. If the picture below is anything to go by, we'd give it a miss. Bring on the bikini already, doesn't holywood know that's what we are playing for. 


Scary stuff eh. More of Scarlett Johnassons acting talents after the click (that means Scarlett boob shots in case you didn't know)



Blockbuster Sets Up Camp In Your Home

If you like renting dvds and console games, chances are you will already have a Blockbuster account and be familiar with the stores - damn them for always tempting us with revels and tortillas at the counter. The good news is, they are planning to release a set top box that will stream movies straight into your living room without the effort of having to go down to the local store and queue in line with a bunch of unruly teenagers with mobile phones. The even better news is, the service is set to launch this month with access to Movielinks 6,000 strong catalogue of movies - Blockbuster now owns the Movielink service. How will it affect their stores? Probably not much to begin with but as broadband spreads and people become more tech savvy, this could well spell the end of the Blockbuster movie store in your town. 


Aol Rolls Out New Technology

AOL has been busy updating its systems and has launched the AOL Technology Network. In case you didn't know AOL bought a load of blogs such as Engadget, Switched, TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog), and the DownloadSquad. They hadn't done much with them except to keep them rolling along. Today, they all received a hefty makeover with new looks and better features. Certainly, the new Engadget website takes some getting used too. It looks like it has been washed on a hot cycle with Persil automatic to remove all the old stains. The carousel news story breaker has been touted as a top feature - it's on the right of the engadget site - but we couldn't get the damn thing to work properly. Back to the drawing board AOL.

Engadget gets makeover 

AOL says its Technology Network will give users a resource to compile information about technology news and products. For advertisers it will allow them to integrate ad campaigns across the network of sites. Visitors will be able to access network sites from their existing domain names or through a link on AOL that will take them to the network.


BMW Saves the Planet

The BMW loves trees and the picture proves it

Wanna drive round in style and protect mother earth at the same time. You're probably thinking Toyota Prius, ok well that's not exactly style now is it. BMW to the rescue. The eco-friendly Hydrogen 7 car from BMW scored really low on the recent emission tests and could be set to be the choice of style conscious environmentalists. In case you didn't know, the car will be the first hydrogen-drive luxury performance car for enthusiasts who like to hug trees - even Jeremy Clarkson can earn some green points with one of these. The BMW Hydrogen 7 still has to make it on to the forecourts in numbers but the specs look good so who knows - 12 cylinder engine capable of running on gasoline or hydrogen and producing 260 hp. The car will accelerate from 0 to 62.1 mpg in 9.5 seconds which kicks the ass of the Prius. The hydrogen tank has a capacity of approximately 17.6 lb of liquid hydrogen, giving the Hydrogen 7 a cruising range in hydrogen mode upwards of 125 miles.  After that petrol kicks in for the remaining 300 miles. The driver is the one who decides which fuel to use, with a smooth transition between both operating modes, since the engine power and torque remain identical regardless of the fuel used. 

Good luck finding a hydrogen station in your area but with the price of fuel these days, we say bring on the gas. If you want to know how you'll look at the gas station filling her up, check out this guy.

Aparently, the only downside to using hydrogen is baldness - the gas causes hair to recede into a swept back style. Hey you can't save the planet and have everything your own way now can you.


Christina Ricci Entertainment


Speed Racer star Christina Ricci wears a pig’s nose and encounters a monkey who won’t keep its stinking, "damn-dirty," paws off of her. Read on!


Mind mapping the festival scene in 2008

Back in 1999 whilst the world was on the cusp of the internet revolution, a 23 year old Steve Jenner saw an opportunity to consolidate the fragmented elements of the musical festival scene in a single online destination. The result was Virtualfestivals.com. What started as a hobby in his bedroom has since grown into a market-leading, content-led, online social network with over 1.6 million active users per year.

For the enthusiast, the Virtual Festivals website extends an event’s lifecycle from a few days in the field to 365 days a year. Fans can log-on to get comprehensive news and information about any of the 450 events that take place in the UK each year and purchase tickets, tents, travel and the customary t-shirt. They can meet others planning to attend the same events and share tips and advice or simply just make new friends. After the event, attendees can upload their own experiences and memories, from photos and videos captured on their phones to written reviews and blogs. They can also rate and evaluate every aspect of the event, empowering festival fans to mould the future of the rapidly changing offline environment, in accordance with their preferences.


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