Keira Knightley Wins Wet Tshirt Contest


Kiera Knightly shows shes on top form to win any Miss Wet T-shirt contest when she takes a dip on the beach. The water must have been mighty cold as Miss Knightley looks more than a little perky in her see through wet t-shirt. Judging by the green splodges on her outfit, she must have been hoping the seaweed in the water would provide some nipple camouflage.

With the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Disney fans will be in for a real treat after seeing this beautys hidden treasure chest. It's enough to make us want to walk the plank!

All ye land lubbers can see more of this beautys pieces of eight over the page...

I'm sure I just saw a camera man with a long lense

Land Rover wheel nuts ain't got nothing on Keira Knightley.

More nonsense and celebrity nipple poking over at Fandangos

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