NOT a Movie Mini Review: X-Men: The Last Stand

But... but... but...  but I thought its release date was May 29th! I thought it wasn't coming out until Monday!

No spoilers! Don't tell me anything! Waaaah! (Runs screaming from the room with hands over ears)

Seriously. I have been very, very much looking forward to this one since seeing X-2 for the second time. Or third. I forget. I turn into a weepy little girl everytime I remember that last scene aboard the jet, after the dam breaks. (Note to fellow writers: Grief is a huge opportunity for developing/establishing characters. Go rent the DVD and watch that scene again. Pay special attention to Cyclops and Wolverine.) There are, like, a million other wonderful things going on. It was just such a damn good movie. I walked out of the theater wanting X-3 right now.

And I could have it right now. It's out. Now. Only I have plans to see it with my husband next week. Dammit.

I caught a few review headlines running along the top edges of some local papers lying around. You read 'em. I don't wanna know yet.   Expect a review soon.

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