Antec P180 Mid Tower Case Review

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Antec P180 Mid Tower Case Review
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Price: £77.95 exc vat
Supplier: Antec
Manufacturer: Antec

Super cooled computers. High powered fans. These days computers are more about decibels than megahertz. Workspaces have become akin to airport terminals as fans whiz  round to keep system heat under control. The quest for extra processing power comes at a price. Noise. So what's the answer? Build a silent system through careful selection of components and the best place to start is with a top quality case.

At this point your probably thinking that's easier said than done. Computers need cooling and the easiest way to achieve this is install plenty of fans. The trouble is fans produce noise. They whine, blow, vibrate. It all adds up. So where do you start.

The 'Black Beauty'

The Antec P180 advanced mid tower case from leading component manufacturer, Antec Inc, represents one of the finest cases on the planet. It's got everything. Great looks, superb cooling, low noise. The works.


Billed as the 'Black Beauty' of cases, it's mix of high performance and quiet cooling features sets it well apart from the computer case crowd. Revolutionary case design with dual chambers to isolate components into separate cooling zones, five controllable fans, three layer sound deadening panels, 11 drive bays, 0.8mm cold rolled steel chassis, built in washable air-filters and double hinged front door are pure design genius. It's even got a spoiler on top for goodness sake. This case wouldn't look out of place in an Aston Martin showroom. It oozes supercar quality. Attention to detail. Little finishing touches here and there. It's case craft taken to the nth level. And how much do you think you would have to pay for this stunning bit of kit? £100? £200? A paltry £77.95 excluding the vat (under £70 if you shop around). Stop reading this and go and buy one now before they all sell out!

Okay you want some details and a bit of eye candy before you splash your wad. Lets have a look at this case up close.


Look at that. Pure black eye candy. Sleek lines, simplicity of detail.
It's stunning, truly stunning. It's available in silver finish too.

The case was designed after months of work between Antec engineers and the expertise of silent PC expert Mike Chin. The collaboration created something special. Unique. Dare I say it, a masterpiece. The case is heavy. Reassuringly heavy. And big. You won't be lugging this round to Lan parties in a hurry. All the sound proofing - the 3 layer composite aluminium/plastic walls - adds up, especially when combined with a thick steel cold pressed chassis. The weight is a trade off between performance and silence. It can cool the hottest components while maintaining good silence levels. In fact the original design brief stated a case producing no more than 20 dBA/1m with carefully selected components.

The case arrived very well packaged with plastic wrap all around the panels to prevent any scratches. Antec are proud of their creation and it shows.



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